Coal remains one of the most widely-used sources of energy for power generation. Accurate monitoring is essential to demonstrate compliance with environmental regulations and to ensure safe, efficient operation.

Worldwide environmental regulations require measurements of opacity, particulate matter and pollutant gases. In addition, measurements of temperature and carbon monoxide are important for safe, efficient plant operation.

AMETEK Land provides accurate, reliable solutions across all stages of the coal combustion process. Using non-contact technologies, we provide a full range of instruments to monitor emissions and optimise combustion for improved fuel economy. Our safety solutions, including a dedicated device for coal mills, significantly reduce the fire risks to personnel and equipment.
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    • Biomass - Coal - Stack Emissions
      Stack Emissions

      Emissions measurement is important for pollution control and combustion efficiency. AMETEK Land recommends the 4500 MkIII, 4200+, 4200 and 4650, depending on process needs.

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    • Biomass - Coal - Storage Silo
      Storage Silo

      Early detection of spontaneous combustion in stored coal or biomass is vital to prevent uncontrolled fires. We recommend the dedicated Silowatch carbon monoxide (CO) monitor and ARC thermal imager for this safety application.

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    • Coal - Boiler/Furnace Operation
      Boiler/Furnace Operation

      Efficiently burning coal in a boiler or furnace is the key stage of power generation. Our solutions include FTI-Eb, NIR-B, Lancom 200 and CDA.

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    • Biomass - Coal - Conveyor Operations
      Conveyor Operations

      Detecting hot spots quickly on a conveyor belt prevents equipment damage and the outbreak of fire. We offer the HotSpotIR as a compact, fast-response solution for this application.

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    • Biomass - Coal - Pile Monitoring
      Pile Monitoring

      Coal and Biomass are often stored in large piles which present a fire risk. AMETEK Land’s ARC thermal imager is our recommended solution to monitor large fuel storage piles for hot spots.

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    • Biomass - Coal - Milling

      Our application-specific Millwatch CO monitor is recommended as the ideal solution for early warning of spontaneous combustion in coal and biomass mills.

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